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Are You Ready to Double Your Reach and Engagement in 30 mins a week?

With Your Year of Posts & Prompts there is - NO more wondering what to post every day, NO more staring at the computer screen hoping inspiration will come.

Receive over 285 posts that you can use to schedule your social media content in 30 min or less – per week!

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You know you should be posting for your business on social media every day.

But what do you post? How can you make sure your followers are interested in what you post and get people to see it?
How do you find the time?

What if there was a way to never run out of ideas for social media content?
What if there was a way that you could produce quality content each week in 30 mins or less?

 That’s exactly why I created Your Year of Posts and Prompts. I know how hard it can be to work in your business AND come up with social media posts each day – not to mention finding the time to do so!

I want you to be able to get more business through your social media channels by using these
- proven to work - posts and prompts.

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This program will help you:

·        Save you time each week

·        Double your reach and engagement

·        Make social media marketing easy

·    Attract your ideal customer with content they will love.

·        Never be at a loss for what to post

·        Spark your creativity

·       Give you content to use for when you aren’t feeling creative

·        Magnify your results on social media

·    Create conversation with your audience.

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Right now if you’re struggling with finding time to post on social media
and even when you do find time you can’t come up with anything to put out there,

More often than not you find yourself forgetting to post or procrastinating and just not posting anything at all.

Imagine if you sat down at your computer and you already knew what you were going to post.
If you could fit your social media posting into 30 mins a week!

Steal my best performing posts and prompts proven to work well!

You can start using these posts and prompts within 5 mins of receiving them.

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Who created this?

Hi, I’m Nicole Martelli Porter. I am a chocolatier turned digital marketer, and mom of 3 boys.
After getting a degree in marketing, I spent 10 years owning and marketing my own small chocolate shops.

During this time people were consistently asking me
“How do you do send all those great emails?” or
“I always see you on Facebook/Instagram, teach me.”

So, once the kids came along I decided to switch direction,
get back to my roots and focus on marketing.
I love to help smaller businesses get their products, services,
and most importantly their message, out into the world.

I know first hand how hard it can be to run a business and focus
on social media marketing, but I saw the marketing power these
posts could have. I wanted to create an easy solution for other
small business owners so that they could experience
those same results with social media.

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With this package you get

·        200+ easy to use social media prompts to use in list form. ($150 Value)

·        Posts that have already proven to be effective. ($50 Value)

·        Copy and paste posts to save you time. ($75 Value)

·        My system for batching your content in 30 min a week. ($150 Value)

·        A check list to use each week so you don't forget anything. ($50 Value)

·        List of U.S. Holidays along with post suggestions. ($50 Value)

·        My “Best Practices Guide” on how to make the most out of these posts. ($50 Value)

·        Monthly and Weekly Themes to spark your creativity. ($50 Value)

·        Extra daily holidays that you can use to inspire your audience. ($50 Value)

For a total of = $675 Value for only $27  

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You might be wondering:

Can I use these even if I'm not tech savy?

Yes! These are copy and paste posts and prompts that will be delivered through email in pdf form. Simply download from the email and start to use.

Is this a one-time fee?

Yes! Buy once and they are yours forever!

Where did you get these posts?

These are my posts that I have brainstormed and actually used for my social media clients and my own social media pages.

Here are a few examples:

- Give a sneak peek an upcoming product or service that hasn't been released yet. Show just a tiny part of and have people guess what it is.

- 5 books that changed my life are ____. What are your top 5 books?

- Show a few photos of different angles and perspectives of your product or service to show off detail and quality of a product or service.

- 3 Key Mistakes that [people in your industry] are making and what you should do instead

- Share a throw-back photo to when you first started your business.

- Did you know ____ about my business?

- Show me all your photos that are xxx. (Red, of your dog, at your desk.)  

Who could use these posts?

-        Brick and Mortar Business Owners such as Clothing Stores, Candy Stores & Gift Shops.
-        Restaurants, Cafes, Grocery Stores and Coffee Shops
-        Real Estate Agents and Builders /Contractors
-        Service Based Businesses – Like Beauty Salons or Auto Repair Shops
-        Coaches or Consultants
- Etsy Shop Owners and other Creative Businesses
- Online Retailers and Product Sales
- Online Service Providers
- MLM Businesses

How do I get this download?

Once you purchase Your Year of Posts and Prompts they will be A delivered to your email inbox.
You will be able to download them onto your computer in PDF form for you to use whenever you need!


Refund Policy – “Due to the digital Nature of this product there will be no refunds after purchase.

Imagine where you could be 1 month from now,
6 months from now, 1 year from now if you just start posting consistently today!

Imagine how your audience will grow and start to respond to the amazing content you start putting out.

Remember this is only available at this price until July 21st.

Your Year of Post and Prompts

Double Your Reach and engagement in 20 mins a week.

What if you never had to worry about what to post on social media ever again?

 No more wondering what to post every day, no more staring at the computer screen hoping inspiration will come, receive over 285 posts that you can use to schedule your social media content in
30 min or less – per week! For only $27

Laptop, tablet and phone

"When I stared working with Nicole of Monomoy Social Media Management and Consulting I had enough monthly viewers on Pinterest to count on one hand and now my page is over to 500K/month.

I also had very little engagement on my Facebook business page and she's turned that around, not only do I have more followers and shares I have followers engaging with the content.

She's taken what works on my primary platforms to use with other social media channels for increased results overall.

Nicole is great at getting the word out for my new offerings in a professional, consistent way that aligns with my brand."
~Johanna Lynn